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About Me:

Professionally, I am a Senior Systems Engineer with DellEMC where I focus on designing the appropriate systems to match client needs. My 18 years of experience as a technologist have equipped me with the right balance of analytical and relationship management skills that will be an invaluable addition to the WMGLD Board.

My wife, Jen, and I are the proud parents of two active girls:  Cassie, a 1st grader at Woodville and Sydney, a preschooler at [Canterbury].  Our days are busy with work, school, dance, girl scouts and play dates.  As an Eagle Scout, I believe strongly in community service and that there is no greater gift we can give our children and our community than a sustainable future. 

I have lived in Wakefield for almost ten years, and have gradually adapted our house to be more energy efficient.  From installing Solar Panels to switching to energy-efficient LED lighting and utilizing smart thermostats, I have consistently made decisions that build on more efficient, renewable energy, with effects that are profound both in long-term cost-savings and a reduced carbon footprint.  I have recently started sharing my experience and expertise as a Solar Coach to help others through the process.

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